A young company with experience …

PROIMAGING was founded in December 2013 by two manufacturers with extensive experience in the field of chemical synthesis and dye applications for medical or scientific use :

Michel Urbain
Pharmacist, former President of SERB Laboratories (75008), pharmaceutical laboratory specialized in marketing of dyes for medical diagnosis and niches products for hospital use (emergency medicine, diagnosis...).

François Scherninski
Research director and head of SYNTH-INNOVE laboratories (75015), specialized in the development and synthesis of medical dyes for human use.

PROIMAGING works in partnership with SYNTH-INNOVE laboratories for the synthesis of new dyes.

Proimaging - Society … specialized in the development of medical dyes

PROIMAGING is a company skilled in the development and marketing of specific dyes for scientific and medical research.

PROIMAGING has extensive experience in the field of development and synthesis of new dyes and has a large experimental platform for the realization of proofs of concept in oncological medical imaging.

En conséquence, PROIMAGING Our team can assist you in customizing your product development strategy. We will ensure the successful design of your experimental program for valorization in medical imaging or therapeutic applications.