A wide area of competencies in dyes development

Proimaging - A wide area of competencies in dyes developmentThrough its partnership with SYNTH-INNOVE Laboratories, PROIMAGING has extensive experience in the field of development and synthesis of new dyes.

The SYNTH-INNOVE Laboratories, created in 1994, are specialized in the chemical synthesis of dyes for medical use.

With more than 20 years of experience in the development of new pharmaceutical dyes, SYNTH-INNOVE Laboratories have a wide range of equipment for synthesis and analysis (double envelope reactors, preparative chromatography, HPLC and GC coupled to mass spectrometry, etc.).

All our dyes and intermediates are produced according to synthetic processes respecting the environment and ensuring optimum purity.

SYNTH-INNOVE and PROIMAGING work closely together to produce dyes that exactly match your needs.

Proimaging - A wide area of competencies in dyes developmentThrough its collaboration with GUSTAVE ROUSSY Institute, PROIMAGING has a large experimental platform for the realization of your proofs of concept in medical imaging and oncology.

GUSTAVE ROUSSY, leading European cancer center, is a center of care, research and education which take in charge patients affected by any type of cancer.

Source of therapeutic innovations and diagnostic advances, GUSTAVE ROUSSY combines all the expertises essential for a high-level research in cancerology.

GUSTAVE ROUSSY meets the highest standards of research to promote major discoveries and invests in the latest technologies.