LBL-Dye M820C

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Cell Membrane Labeling

Max Absorption

800 nm

Max Emission

820 nm

Shipping condition

Room Temperature for up to 3 weeks

Storage condition

Store 12 months after receival under -15°C and protect from light

Molecular Weight

∼ 925


– PBS Buffer (pH 7.4) + 1% Tween 80
– Water

LBL-Dye M820C

Ref: AA430



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LBL-Dye M820C is an amphiphilic fluorescent dye with physical, spectral, and binding properties similar to ICG and higher fluorescence yield.

LBL-Dye M820C properties allow fixation on cell membranes by hydrophobic binding and fixation on proteins by electrostatic binding.

This NIR fluorescent dye has been validated for NIR-II / SWIR imaging.

Product for Research Use Only. Not for Human Use.