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LBL-Dye M715: High-performance tool for mitochondrial labeling in living cells

Labeling dyes can be used to visualize mitochondrial dynamics in living cells including mitochondrial fusion, fission, and movement. Combining it with time-lapse imaging can offer insights into mitochondrial trafficking, interactions with other cellular components, and their involvement in cellular processes. 

LBL-Dye M715 is a cell-permeant, photostable, and no cytotoxic mitochondrial tracker particularly well adapted for long time imaging on living cells.

Mitochondrial dynamic in H28 cell cytoplasms stained with LBL-Dye M715. Living H28 cells were stained with 2µg/µl of LBL-Dye M715 during 30 min in the culture medium. Time-lapse acquisition during 1 min every 3 sec by using STELLARIS8 confocal microscope (Leica Microsystems), X86 objective water immersion, WLL laser excitation 690nm ; Em 700-730 nm on HyD-X detector, Okolab chamber installed on the inverted microscope stand to keep the temperature at 37 ◦C during image acquisition.

Product citations:

Optimization of Advanced Live-Cell Imaging through Red/Near-Infrared Dye Labeling and Fluorescence Lifetime-Based Strategies

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