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Dyes for scientific research and medical imaging

Fluorescent dyes

Custom dyes

Scientific support

Scientific research

Dyes conjugated with antibodies or ligands for targeted imaging
Dyes used alone with specific affinity to various applications
Customs Dyes totally adapted to your protocols
Scientific support for your research projects
Wavelengths: visible, NIR,
NIR-II / SWIR, Optoacoustic
Dyes used alone with specific affinity to various applications
Scientific support for your research projects

Medical imaging

Clinical development
Image-guided surgery
Cancer tumor labeling
Dyes Proimaging Cancer tumor labeling - NIR-II / SWIR imaging - Cell Membrane labeling - Antibody, Protein, peptide labeling - Fluorescent hydroxychloroquine

Our products

Proimaging develops dyes for various applications:

  • In-vivo imaging fluorophores
  • Coupling fluorescent dyes
  • Cell membrane labeling
  • Mitochondrial tracker
  • Cancer tumor labeling
  • Custom dyes for many applications

All our dyes and intermediates are produced according to synthetic processes respecting the environment and ensuring optimum purity.

Clinical development

Proimaging developed a tumor labeling dye for image-guided surgery of cancer tumors.

Fluorescence-guided surgery gives the surgeon the ability to see better and deeper the tumor tissue. This is a non-invasive and very effective way to locate the tumor during surgery and perform a complete removal.


Custom dyes

Proimaging has the technical capacity to develop innovative custom dyes totally adapted to your research projects.

Applications are often complex and commercial dyes may not always reach their intended objectives.

Our expertise in developing custom dyes has enabled us to manufacture high-quality dyes that can be tailored to your explicit research needs or business protocol.

Scientific support

Proimaging provide scientific expertise to help you make the most of your dyes and guarantee the success of your research projects.

Our consulting services include:

  • Design of your experiments and dissolution protocols
  • Selection of appropriate reagents and imaging systems
  • Supply of custom dyes adapted to your protocols
test tube custom dyes scientific support Proimaging

Our latest studies and news

Combining sophisticated fast FLIM, confocal microscopy, and STED nanoscopy for live-cell imaging of tunneling nanotubes
Cell-to-cell communication via tunneling nanotubes (TNTs) is a challenging topic with a growing interest. In this work, we proposed several innovative tools that use red/near-infrared dye labeling and employ lifetime-based imaging strategies to investigate the dynamics of TNTs in a living mesothelial H28 cell line that exhibits spontaneously TNT1 and TNT2 subtypes...
Mitochondria dynamics in live-cell imaging of tunneling nanotubes with LBL-Dye M715
Studying mitochondrial dynamics within tunneling nanotubes (TNTs) through live cell imaging presents several challenges and requires sophisticated techniques to capture the intricacies of these dynamic structures...
Cell imaging using LBL-Dye M580 and LBL-Dye M717
Cellular tracers in fluorescence imaging are essential tools for studying various cellular processes, including cell migration, protein trafficking, organelle dynamics, and more...

About us

Proimaging is a young company with strong experience in the development of fluorescent dyes for scientific research and medical imaging.

Our molecules are designed to be:

  • conjugated with antibodies or ligands for targeted imaging,
  • or used alone with specific affinity to various applications.

In addition to our product range, we develop custom dyes totally adapted to your protocols in visible, NIR, or NIR-II / SWIR imaging.

We also synthesize labeling dyes for medical research to provide a useful complement in the field of image-guided surgery of cancer tumors.

Proimaging makes its expertise available to scientists. We assist you in the elaboration of your protocols in-vitro and in-vivo.

Proimaging work closely with Synth-Innove Laboratories, a leading manufacturer of API and dyes for medical imaging since 1994, which develops and synthesizes all our products.

Proimaging Quality control

Quality control

Every dye marketed by Proimaging is accurately manufactured and analyzed to comply with strict specifications of quality and purity.

A certificate of analysis is available on each product page for every delivered dye. This certificate summarizes the analytical data obtained by elaborated techniques used by Proimaging:

  • Nuclear magnetic resonance used to determine the chemical structure of the dye. Proton and 13C NMR are used routinely and 2D-NMR is also used for obtaining a more accurate information on the heterocycle’s structures of the dye molecule.
  • High pressure liquidchromatography with diode array detection (HPLC-DAD) or coupled with mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS) is used for determination of the purity and confirmation of the dye structure as the elucidation of its potential impurities.
  • Quality Assurance: every dye is manufactured and analyzed according to a system of documentation allowing a good traceability and a good consistency of the chemical quality and activity of our dyes.
  • Tests of activity: the efficiency of our dyes is checked on various substrates to guarantee the best satisfaction to our customers.