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Cancer tumor visualization

Max Absorption

800 nm

Max Emission

825 nm

Shipping condition

Room Temperature for up to 3 weeks

Storage condition

Store 12 months at -20°C and protect from light

Molecular Weight

∼ 1330


Isotonic Dextrose Solution

NIR Cancer Tumor Dye

Ref: CJ215



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CJ215 is a tumor labeling dye validated on mammary and pancreatic cancer tumor models.

CJ215 specifically binds to tumor tissues and allows visualization of cancer tumor delineation in fluorescence imaging.

Product for Research Use Only. Not for Human Use.

Product citations:

Novel fluorescent probes evaluated in an orthotopic pancreatic PDX model Poster published at American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) 2020

CJ215, a new ultrasensitive near-infrared fluorescent probe for enhanced tumor detection in vivo: A comparative study with ICG in a preclinical model  Poster published at World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) 2018