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LBL-Dye M715

Additional information


Mitochondrial Tracker

Max absorption

690 nm

Max emission

715 nm

Fluorescence lifetime

1.1 ns

STED depletion wavelength

775 nm

Shipping condition

Room Temperature for up to 3 weeks

Storage condition

Store 18 months at -20°C and protect from light

Molecular weight

∼ 810


– PBS Buffer (pH 7.4) + 1% Tween 80

LBL-Dye M715
Near Far Red Mitochondrial Tracker

Ref: BM298



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LBL-Dye M715 is a cell permeant lipophilic fluorescent dye (715 nm emission wavelength) allowing a mitochondrial staining.

It is a photostable and no cytotoxic probe, particularly well adapted for long time imaging on living cells.

LBL-Dye M715 is compatible with widefield, confocal, HCS, flow cytometry, FLIM (lifetime value around 1ns), and super-resolution STED imaging (high depletion capacity) in living (or fixed with PFA after labeling) cells and tissues.

Product for Research Use Only. Not for Human Use.

Product applications :

Mitochondria dynamics in live-cell imaging of tunneling nanotubes with LBL-Dye M715

LBL-Dye M715: High-performance tool for mitochondrial labeling in living cells

Advantages of STED imaging using LBL-Dye M715

Product citations :

Combining sophisticated fast FLIM, confocal microscopy, and STED nanoscopy for live-cell imaging of tunneling nanotubes

Optimization of Advanced Live-Cell Imaging through Red/Near-Infrared Dye Labeling and Fluorescence Lifetime-Based Strategies Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2021, 22(20), 11092