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LBL-Dye M580

Additional information


Cellular Tracer

Max Absorption

562 nm

Max Emission

580 nm

Shipping condition

Room Temperature for up to 3 weeks

Storage condition

Store 12 months after receival under -20°C and protect from light

Molecular Weight

∼ 740


– PBS Buffer (pH 7.4) + 1% Tween 80

LBL-Dye M580
Red Cellular Tracer

Ref: CZ277



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LBL-Dye M580 is a cell permeant lipophilic fluorescent dye (580 nm emission wavelength) allowing cellular staining.

It is a photostable and no cytotoxic probe, particularly well-adapted for long-time imaging on living cells.

LBL-Dye M580 is compatible with widefield, confocal, HCS, flow cytometry in living (or fixed with PFA after labeling) cells and tissues.

Product for Research Use Only. Not for Human Use.


Product applications :

Cell imaging using LBL-Dye M580 and LBL-Dye M717

Cell migration assay using LBL-Dye M580 and LBL-Dye M717

Confocal imaging of spermatozoids using LBL-Dye M580 and LBL-Dye M717