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Confocal imaging of spermatozoids using LBL-Dye M580 and LBL-Dye M717

Labeling dyes can be used to monitor spermatozoids in the cervix of animals. These dyes specifically stain the sperm cells, allowing easier visualization and tracking. By using fluorescence microscopy or flow cytometry, researchers can observe the presence, concentration, and movement of labeled spermatozoids in the cervix.

This technique provides valuable insights into sperm transport and viability, aiding in the optimization of breeding strategies in animals.

LBL-Dye M580 and LBL-Dye M717 are two cell-permeant, photostable, and no cytotoxic cellular tracers particularly well adapted for long-time imaging on living cells.

Spermatozoids were stained with LBL-Dye M580 (left) and LBL-Dye M717 (right) and imaged using Cellvizio (MaunaKea Technologies).

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Cell-to-cell communication via tunneling nanotubes (TNTs) is a challenging topic with a growing interest. In this work, we proposed several innovative tools that use red/near-infrared dye labeling and employ lifetime-based imaging strategies to investigate the dynamics of TNTs in a living mesothelial H28 cell line that exhibits spontaneously TNT1 and TNT2 subtypes...

Studying mitochondrial dynamics within tunneling nanotubes (TNTs) through live cell imaging presents several challenges and requires sophisticated techniques to capture the intricacies of these dynamic structures...

Cellular tracers in fluorescence imaging are essential tools for studying various cellular processes, including cell migration, protein trafficking, organelle dynamics, and more...