LBL-Dye M717

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Cell membrane labeling

Max Absorption

690 nm

Max Emission

717 nm

Shipping condition

Room Temperature for up to 3 weeks

Storage condition

Store 12 months after receival under -15°C and protect from light

Molecular Weight

∼ 768


– PBS Buffer (pH 7.4) +1% Tween 80
– Water

LBL-Dye M717

Ref: AA209



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LBL-Dye M717 is a cell membrane labeling dye and mitochondrial tracker in near-infrared for preclinical in-vitro or in-vivo studies.

LBL-Dye M717 is more amphiphilic than Octadecyl Rhodamine B Chloride (R18) and binds to membranes with a 717 nm emission wavelength with a high fluorescence yield.

The fluorophore part of the dye molecule binds at the aqueous interface of the membrane and the alkyl tail enters the lipid layer.

The fluorescence of the dye bound on membranes is first quenched at high dye concentration then released after dilution. This property makes this dye useful for membrane fusion assays.

Product for Research Use Only. Not for Human Use.

Product applications :

Mitochondrial dynamic visualized in the H28 cell cytoplasms labeled with LBL-Dye M715 and LBL-Dye M717

Microscopic imaging of spermatozoids labeled with LBL-Dye M580 and LBL-Dye M717


Product citations :

Optimization of Advanced Live-Cell Imaging through Red/Near-Infrared Dye Labeling and Fluorescence Lifetime-Based Strategies Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2021, 22(20), 11092